Monday, September 28, 2009

The Old and New Pictures of Bandung View from The Air

Side by side comparison between old Bandung Aerial Photographs and nowadays Bandung Satellite Photos

Around Gedung Sate Area

The old picture was taken in 1925, North of Gedung Sate there are no buildings on the picture, only the Geological Laboratory, beside which the Geological Museum later was to be built, is already completed. In 2007 satellite photo, Gasibu field locatedin the front of gedung sate and connected with Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Jawa Barat in the far north.

Around Viaduct and Taman Balaikota Area

The upper part of the 1930 picture shows the railroad clearly, crossed by the northern part of the Bragaweg. North of this crossing one should see the white buildings of the residence office, the Bank of Java (now Bank Indonesia building), and the Church of Bethel, and the Parc of Pieter Sythof (Taman Balaikota / Taman Merdeka) on the right. Between this Park oand the Cathedral Church is the Schoolroad (now it is the part of Merdeka Street). The name for the School is the Ursulinen Sisters (now St Angela High School), see the high, white building upper right, and the Dutch-Native Training-college for teachers next to it. Along the northern part of the Bragaweg, on the left, old low buildings mostly are being replaced by modern European shops, with multiple floors. Notice the building with the flat roof of the Dutch Indies Gas Company. In the middle of the picture are along the diagonal Oude Hospitaalroad (Lembong Street) the telephone office and the radio-telephone office, in an L-shape. In the new satellite pictures below, the dense of Bandung City shown, and in the middle of Bragawen (Jalan Braga) we can see one skyscraper, Aston Appartment (Braga City Walk). In the far north of the Parc of Pieter Sythof (Taman Balaikota / Taman Merdeka), located Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP), one of the big and famous mall in Bandung. In the west, we can view Viaduct intersection more clearly.

Around Taman Lalulintas and Jarbeeurs Area

This is the comparison between 1920's air view picture and current view around Taman Lalu lintas area. The KNIL (Dutch Army) War Department building, right from the middle, is the one that catches attention, in the Kalimantan Street. On the left the Palace of the Army commandant (in the Aceh street) and the Molukkenpark (Taman Maluku), and the HBS (now it is SMA 3 and 5 Building) on the right of Bilitonstraat (Belitung Street). In the front of the War Department is the Insulindepark, surrounded by all kinds of building and houses of KNIL officers. Behind the War Department are buildings of the the Jaarbeurs, first built in 1920.At the background, in the left corner is the Department of Government buildings, betterknown as Gedung Sate. In the new satellite picture, we can see that Isulindepark already become Taman Lalulintas with the green of the dense trees. Down left in the picture is the intersection between Aceh Street and Merdeka Street (BIP), and The tower of Hyatt Regency Hotel is shown clearly.

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