Friday, September 4, 2009


Pasar Kota Kembang, a narrow lane with shops and stalls lining along it, could be a perfect place for bargaining cheap clothes, belts, shoes or handbags. Next to it is a shopping center specializing in textiles. This market lane connects Jl. Asia-Afrika with Jl. Dalem Kaum.

The first market in Bandung located in Kampung Ciguriang, behind Kapatihan was built in 1812. In the middle of l9th century, the market caught on fire. Later,the merchants gathered around Chinatown and established a new market, Pasar Baru. Once it was a beautiful place surrounded by Chinese-Dutch style shops . Now, only a few are left. Nevertheless, it's still the hub of commerce in Bandung. Plenty of textiles, batiks and clothes in cheap and moderate prices are available. You can test your bargaining skill here. A vegetable market is in the basement. Go to Jl. Pasar Utara. A row of stalls sell all sort of snacks, most of them Bandung specialties. You're welcome to have a taste before you buy the snacks. Jalan Pasar Selatan is lined with jeans shops trying to copy the ones in Jl. Cihampelas. Some of these shops are old ones. With the permission of the owner, old building enthusiasts could enter the old shop and take photographs.

Pasar Jatayu, on Jalan Arjuna, is a flea market mixed with motorbike parts shops. After jostling around, you'll find two antique shops in the dark and crammed market. You'll feel like finding a treasure island. Nearby is a row of shops selling military paraphernalia, and the Ciroyom terminal is next to them.

These three markets will be a nightmare for a claustrophobic. Known as The 'Flower City', Bandung certainly has a flower market, located on Jl. Wastukencana. The flowers are supplied from cool uplands that surround Bandung. Nice place to refresh your eyes.

The rather bizarre 'Jean Street', on Jl. Cihampelas, offers all sorts of jeans and T-shirts while offering fantastic shopfronts to view. The shop owners vie for the most elaborate shopfront design in an attempt to lure business.

Shopping centers are in abundance. The Alun-alun area is surrounded by shopping centers, particularly in Jl. Dalem Kaum. Bandung Indah Plaza is the most luxurious shopping center in Bandung. Nearby City Hall in Jl. Merdeka, it is a new favorite place for the young.

On Jalan Braga, you could find souvenir and antique shops, such as Sin Sin established in 1943. Leather shoes and garment at Leather Palace. Snake skin bags, shoes and all sort of suitcases at Cuero. Bookshops in Braga offer a great range of English books and magazines.

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