Thursday, May 26, 2011

From Jakarta To Bandung By train

PT Kereta Api Indonesia , a state-owned company, is the only company who manages railways and train services in Indonesia. The scenery between Jakarta and Bandung is beautiful. The railroad passes mountains and padi terraces. Don't miss this view when traveling by train. Use the AC (air-conditioned) coach if you cannot cope with the tropical heat. Most hotels in Bandung provide free transportation from train station to the hotel. Tell them about the schedule.

Train services
Train namesRoutesCoachesDurationPriceFrequency
Argo GedeGambir (Jakarta) - BandungEKS2h45mRp. 75,0007 (M-F), 9 (Su/Sa)
ParahyanganGambir (Jakarta) - BandungEKS & BIS3h10mRp. 65,000 & Rp 45,0009 (M-F), 11 (Su/Sa)
Argo WilisSurabaya- BandungEKS13hRp. 200,0001
TuranggaSurabaya- BandungEKS12h30mRp. 180,0001
Mutiara SelatanSurabaya- BandungBIS12h40mRp. 120,0001
HarinaSemarang- BandungEKS7h10mRp. 120,0001
Lodaya MalamSolo - BandungEKS & BIS16hRp. 130,000 & Rp. 80,0001 (night)
Lodaya PagiSolo - BandungEKS & BIS15hRp. 150,000 & Rp. 90,0001 (daytime)
  1. EKS = eksekutif (AC), BIS = bisnis (non-AC)
  2. Duration is total duration from end to end station.

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