Thursday, May 26, 2011

Travel with pangalengan

You might think that it's the photos of a place in one of the states in US or in Europe. Well, guess again. It's in West Java, Indonesia. The exact place is Pangalengan. It's really beautiful. It took about two hours by car, but not public car ^^.
Not in ColoradoYou love rafting or other outdoor adventures? Well, you can visit this place and enjoy rafting like I did along with my friends and students. Or you can try flying fox if you love height and speed. Just let out your adrenaline there.

Maybe be you prefer to walk, well, you can take a walk among those tea plantation. The air is still fresh. It gets cold in the afternoon, you might want to wear sweater if you can't stand of cold like me.

Ah, not to forget you can try some fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes. Some farmers go to and from carrying their crops. Those crops surely look very tempting!

About the rafting thing, if you are not an experienced person, no need to be worry since there's some guides who will help you. And the current is not that big, if you come during draught season^^.
beautiful scenics
So, what's with the wait? Refresh yourself there!

Thank you mizu lee for a nice article and photos.
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