Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Forget History of Bandung City Government, made Struggle Mall Hotels

A number of Members LVRI Looks Sad Because Bandung City Government changed the Building Parking Area Historical So for a Mall. Bandung City Government started to forget history.

This was the case in which the members Legium Veteran Republik Indonesia (LVRI), Bandung, Monday (20 / 9) went to the former hotel building Graha Harapan Eka Kepatihan located on No. 14, Bandung.

They all admitted admitted concern over the attitude the Government of Municipalities (local government), which amended the building which had become a place declaration Bandung Lautan Api (BLA) is a parking area to a mall.

"This is a struggle, declaration venue Bandung Lautan Api" says Euis Resmini (81) one member from among the women LVRI, Bandung.

Dozens of ex-combatants, the history seems to really hit the summit just random. It appears from his eyeballs looked tears.

They are at times struggle to come to the place it once. "This place, formerly very secret. So no careless person can enter, this is a special area" he said.

Meanwhile, other LVRI members deplored the attitude of Bandung City Government pushes it without dismantling the structure and change it with a parking lot. He said the municipal government ought first by a member confromed LVRI. LVRI comes with wearing a uniform complete. And they were powerless to resist such sad shape when seen from near the building's history that changed shape.

"It was the headquarters of the army. Here the idea to burn the city of Bandung fighters appear, "he began the story.

Euis admitted into the hotel a few times when given the task of Colonel Nasution. Hope Hotel is the secret headquarters of the army. "The prisoner is entered here has not come out again, a direct shot here," said Euis.

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