Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earth Hour

Last Saturday, on 26th of March 2011, at 8:30PM, millions of people turned off their electronic equipment for one hour. A small action for the energy saving campaign done for our beloved mother earth.

During that 1 hour, in the midst of the darkness of the night, somehow i feel how slow time went. With no entertainment of TV, DVD, music and even my cell phone, i felt a big emptiness during that hour. Shamely, i admit that i am infact addicted to technology. And with high confidence, i am sure if i ask you guys “Who here are bored to death without their cell phones?”, many of you would raise hands.

After the hour has passed, i said to myself “Hey, this wasn’t so bad afterall!”. Adding to my excitement, i got a broadcasted news that the value in Rupiah of the energy saving done by that one hour was very significat. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, the moral of this story is that to achieve great things, it only takes a small action. Of course we all know that this campaign would not be a success if only one or two people are in this together. So my dear friends, let us take some benefit out of this. Let us start making small changes like no littering, save electricity usage and reduce plastic bag usage. After all, we owe it to our beloved earth, right?!

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