Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bandung Romantic Date


Bandung the romantic city, especially if we remember that the Valentine day on 14th of February is near, a day where you can share and express your feeling to your beloved person. Now, can you guess where are the awesome spots for you spending a lovely Val’s day? Now, we’re gonna give you spoiler, so let’s check them out guys!

Super Romantic Date at Bandung
Wanna spend your Val’s day with a super romantic atmosphere guys? Don’t you worry, because many cool spots are gonna be there for you, folks!
If you want to watch the stars together, meet these romantic cafes that spread all along Dago and Sersan Bajuri Street. Or, you can also try a delicious wine at a resto in Maribaya area. Those city light of Bandung night will make a warm atmosphere on this Val’s day.
Wanna try the other unique date, guys? Let’s have a picnic with your beloved couple at the garden that are around all along Bandung city. Just like an oldies date, bring along your rattan bag that is fulfilled by snacks, don’t forget to wear a suitable costume for this picnic date. Many Bandung park are match becoming your next destination. One of them is Lansia park (at Diponegoro). The other choice, you can also visit Ir.H.Djuanda Park and also Maribaya Park. One more places you should see is a green area at Pondok Hijau, Parongpong Bandung.

Bandung Fun Date
Romantic is boring? Just be calm, clickers, because Bandung has so many stuff to be done for you and your couple. For example is playing ice skating with your beloved people at an ice skating spot on PVJ Mall. Wanna be more thrifty? You can also having fun with your couple by visiting cutie animals at Bandung Zoo on Taman Sari Street. Psst.. there’s some legend said that your relationship will be stronger, but still it’s just a myth guys! There’s another lovely legendary spots you can stop by, it refers to Batu Cinta at Situ Patenggang. Some people said that if you and your sweetheart go there, your relationship will be everlasting.

So, have you chosen the right place to be your date trip on this Val’s day? Flowery are everywhere. Don’t forget to prepare a small present to make this Val’s day more impressive. Happy Val’s Day everybody! (CS)

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